09.09.2009 / What We Should Know About Florida Atlantic...Posting By Greg Sharpe, Voice of the Huskers

Let me start by thanking First National Bank for asking me to provide a weekly blog about the Cornhusker football team. The season is here and I cannot wait. I have been to enough practices. I am ready (like most of you) to get this thing started. Read More »

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09.08.2009 / What College Students Need to Know About Finance

If you are a new college student, or a parent getting ready to send a kid to school, you have a lot to do get ready to leave. Part of leaving home means starting to manage your finances on your own (or letting your children manage their finances). Below are five things that college students need to know about financial matters that often get left out of their pre-college preparation. Take a look, share with your family and most of all, remember that financial education is as important as a college education! Read More »

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