09.09.2009 / What We Should Know About Florida Atlantic...Posting By Greg Sharpe, Voice of the Huskers

Let me start by thanking First National Bank for asking me to provide a weekly blog about the Cornhusker football team. The season is here and I cannot wait. I have been to enough practices. I am ready (like most of you) to get this thing started.

"Florida Atlantic is a team that was in a bowl game last year and will bring a respectable offense to Lincoln on Saturday."

Here are some impressions about this year’s team.

  • More athletic. I’ve really noticed this on the defensive side of the ball. This team has better athletes on the field than they did a year ago. If Nebraska is to return to challenge regularly for a conference title they had to get better athletes on the field. 
  • Depth. This is a much deeper team than the 2008 edition. Competition has been fierce at several spots including linebacker, secondary and wide receiver. That tells me that NU has more players capable of helping this team win than they did a year ago. Part of the reason for that is the coaching staffs discipline a year ago to redshirt almost the entire recruiting class. 
  • Continuity. With the entire staff back from a year ago you can just see during practice that the players are more comfortable with the system and they are reacting more than thinking.

Florida Atlantic is a team that was in a bowl game last year and will bring a respectable offense to Lincoln on Saturday. Eight starters are back for Howard Schnellenberger’s squad.  That includes quarterback Rusty Smith. The 6-5 senior signal caller has already garnered the attention of NFL scouts. He is a pro-style quarterback that, with his height, can see over the offensive line. It will be key for the Huskers to get a pass rush on Smith. FAU returns their top six receivers from the 2008 season so Smith has plenty of targets to throw to. 

On the flip side the Owls are replacing almost their entire defense. Only three starters are back and their top six tacklers were all lost to graduation. 
That young defense should help Zac Lee and the Husker offense get their feet wet in this first game. I like the Huskers to be in control all game and have a nice comfortable win. Don’t expect a shutout though. Smith and that Owl offense will be able to move the ball, but an improved Cornhusker defense should prevent many points being put on the board. 


Greg Sharpe
Voice of the Huskers

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I can't wait for Saturday. I think the Huskers have a great chance at winning the Big 12 North this year and possibly even the Big 12 Championship. GO BIG RED!
Posted by HuskerGal at 11:20 AM, Sep 01, 2009
I think the owls will shock the huskers if the huskers start out slow. I've seen the owls in practice and from this year from last year they haven't stopped the steam very much. The owls will get out early but hopefully nebraska won't allow them to get out ahead too much and stay there. I expect a good showing from nebraska but don't be surprised if the owls upset nebraska in the first game.
Posted by Willie at 01:56 PM, Sep 2, 2009
Love your optimism HuskerGal
Posted by sker17 at 03:10 PM, Sep 2, 2009
Hey Willie. How about them Huskers!!??
Posted by Red at 01:19 PM, Sep 8, 2009
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