08.24.2009 / Back to School Basics.

School supplies, new clothes, first-day chaos and waking up on time - there is a lot to think about when getting ready for a new school year! To help your bottom line, we talked to parents at First national for some solid ideas for saving money during back to school time.

"Don't forget to have your camera ready for the first day!"
  • Keep it simple - When it comes to school supplies, stick to the list that your child’s teacher provided. If you buy the fancy, extra stuff, chances are your child won’t use it - and those costs add up fast.
  • Go for versatility - While it’s exciting to head to the mall for a new wardrobe, and buying new clothes isn’t avoidable - there are ways to trim costs. Remember that versatility is an option-consider buying clothes that your kids can wear during fall and winter, or shoes that can be used for various occasions. 
  • Reuse and Recycle - There is also the option of consignment or "rerun" type sales - check your local paper or talk to other parents to find out if you have missed any good ones! Some local Omaha favorites are Reruns R Fun ( and Take 2 (

Don’t pay full price - For both school supplies and new clothes, be sure to scope out the sales and check out any nearby outlet stores. As that first day of school gets closer, some stores may even have clearance sales.

Whether they are attending a new school or they will have a new teacher, every child goes through some kind of transition each fall and it’s common for them to get anxious for that first day to approach. We suggest you get everything ready the night before so the exciting morning is not consumed with chaos. Think about walking your kids into the school to help them become acquainted with their new surroundings. If they are starting a new school, you can even try to schedule meetings with teachers and other students prior to the first day. They will likely be more relaxed if they are familiar with their new teacher and classmates.

And don’t forget to have your camera ready for the first day!

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The first day of school is almost upon us. My son starts back on Friday the 14th and you can bet I'll have my camera ready. The summer seems shorter than I remember as a child.
Posted by fatbaby at 09:47 AM, Aug 11, 2009
What do you do with a 5 year old (with 2 years of pre-school). That lay in bed the night before school repeating "I'm not going to school tomorrow" and then proceeded to do exactly that! He ran after his dad's had to stop the car - get out - take my grandson BACK into the school! What do you do?? Any suggestions welcome (they've already removed privileges talked-reasoned and threatned).
Posted by chickiegram at 11:55 AM, Aug 12, 2009
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