12.03.2009 / Posting by Adam Carriker, Former NU Player 2003-2006

Happy Holidays Husker fans. Adam Carriker checking in with another blog entry.

"I really think they match up well against the Longhorns and I expect Nebraska will be the toughest opponent that Texas has seen all year."

Big 12 North Champions!!! It sounds good to say it. It definitely made my Thanksgiving weekend more enjoyable watching the Huskers beat up Colorado and lock up the Big 12 North Championship. It is a great achievement that Nebraska hasn’t been able to enjoy for a while, but I am thrilled that we can make that claim once again. I have some family from Colorado and it makes it even sweeter knowing we beat them. They were in town for Thanksgiving and I was able to rub it in a little. Colorado and their fans really put a lot of weight on our annual game with them. From what I’ve heard, they have rules that you can’t wear red inside the athletic department all week and other stuff like that. We beat them both my junior and senior seasons and I played one of my best games against the Buffalos getting two sacks and forcing a safety in 2006.

I am really happy for the players who have worked so hard this year. It was great seeing a lot of the guys while I was back in town for the Oklahoma game a couple of weeks ago. I know many of them weren’t too sure of how things were going to play out after all of the uncertainty of a couple of years ago, but Coach Pelini and his staff have done such an awesome job in such a short period of time. You can tell that the players really believe in the message the coaching staff is preaching and all the hard work they put in during the offseason, in practice and the film room is paying off. The defense has especially played “lights out” this year and once again came through big at Colorado. It seems like I say the same thing every week but the pressure they get upfront from the four down linemen is relentless. It’s crazy what they have been able to do despite the game planning and double teams that other teams throw at them. I also thought the play of Alex Henery was huge... pinning Colorado deep in their own territory for most of the game. To have a weapon like that on special teams, really helps out a defense.

This week, the “Blackshirts” get their showdown with the top offense in the Big 12 and Heisman Trophy candidate Colt McCoy. I really think they match up well against the Longhorns and I expect Nebraska will be the toughest opponent that Texas has seen all year. I wish I could be there for the game. It should be a great atmosphere in Dallas at the new stadium and Nebraska fans should show up big. The key is containing Colt McCoy and not giving him a lot of wiggle room to get outside of the pocket and make plays on the run. If they can keep Colt contained and get a good surge up the middle of the field I think the Huskers will have a shot. I also don’t put a lot of stock in the fact that the national media doesn’t think we can move the ball. The coaches will have a game plan that suits the flow and style of the game. Expect the Huskers to hang tough against Texas. I know they want this bad.

Go Big Red... see you at the bowl game!

Adam Carriker – St. Louis Rams

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