12.30.2009 / Posting by Demorrio Williams, former NU Blackshirt 2002-2003

Husker fans, this is Demorrio Williams checking in with a special post-Christmas Bowl Game post. I hope all you Husker fans had a very Merry Christmas and survived the crazy weather that hit up there! We got a little bit of snow in Kansas City but I heard you guys got a whole lot more there in Nebraska. I am hoping many of you were able to make it out to San Diego and will be there to cheer on Nebraska on the 30th as they take on the Arizona Wildcats. One of the crazy things I remember about playing in Bowl Games was how well Nebraska fans travel. I was fortunate enough to play in two Bowls during my time there at Nebraska: The Independence Bowl in Shreveport Louisiana and the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio Texas. I swear we had at least 20,000 fans in Shreveport and maybe double that for the game in the Alamo Dome. It is something that a lot of schools simply cannot compete with and another thing that makes Nebraska fans unique.

"I expect the Huskers to really mix up their coverage and try and confuse Arizona's quarterback. Look for Nebraska's safeties to play big and create some turnovers."

Going to a Bowl Game is a great way to wrap up the season. For the seniors, it gives you one more game to enjoy before moving on with life. For a few guys, it’s an extra opportunity to show out for NFL evaluators. For other guys it’s one more chance to play for your family and friends. There are a lot of emotions that go along with the game simply because you have a lot of time to think about it. Everybody is done with school and for about three weeks, all you have is football and down time. The practices for the Bowl Game are usually pretty intense because many of the younger players who didn’t have the opportunity to play during the regular season get thrown in with the veterans. It is a time of year when the coaching staff gets an idea of who might be ready to play next season. Guys have had all year to absorb the playbook and get an idea of what they should be doing. For the older players, it’s fun to take a look at who might be "stepping into your shoes." To see guys who you have helped to mentor "step-up" is very rewarding. The older players on the team want to think they’re making an impact down the line as well. Most Nebraska players take great pride in seeing the tradition carried on.

Man... I’m jealous of the Huskers this year because they get to play in the Holiday Bowl there in San Diego. The San Diego Chargers are in our division and I can tell you from first hand experience, it is a great place to play a football game, especially this time of year! The Arizona Wildcats have been known for their defense most years, but this year they seem to be a pretty good offensive team. When it all comes down to it though, I don’t think a team from the Pac 10 is ready for what the Husker defense is going to throw at them. I expect the Huskers to really mix up their coverages and try and confuse Arizona’s quarterback. Look for Nebraska’s safeties to play big and create some turnovers. Hopefully the offense can get it going as well. I saw the game in Dallas and know they have to be pretty motivated this week.

It’s been a great year for to be a Nebraska Cornhusker! Congrats to Coach Pelini and his staff as well as to all the players. I’ll be talking with y’all again soon... Go Big Red!

Demorrio Williams #53 - Kansas City Chiefs

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