11.13.2009 / Posting by Adam Carriker, former NU Player 2003-2006

Hey there Husker fans! This is Carriker checking in with a blog posting for the week... and what a week! I was in Lincoln last weekend and the Nebraska-Oklahoma game was awesome! It was so good to get that win over Oklahoma!

What a great atmosphere last Saturday night at the game and what a great performance by the football team. Like I always say… there really is no place like Nebraska! I spent most of my time during the preseason and first quarter on the sideline. It was LOUD and rockin when the team came out during the tunnel walk and most of the game… Great job! It was cool because I got to mingle with some guys like Warren Buffett, all of the past Nebraska-OU Heisman winners and Dave Rimington there on the sideline. I finished watching the game with Larry the Cable Guy. He’s my buddy… I met him a couple of years ago and we actually have kept in touch.

As far as the game, I felt the keys to the Nebraska victory were of course the turnovers, but also the fact that we were able to shut Oklahoma down in the red zone. We stopped them at least twice on fourth downs, caused them to miss three field goals and turned them over. That was HUGE! Oklahoma had six possessions in the red zone where they came away with zero points. What an outstanding defensive performance. I loved learning from Coach Bo while I was at Nebraska and I really would have loved playing for him!

The Friday before the game, I was able to go to the Nebraska Heart Institute and sign some autographs for the patients and staff there. It was a really cool experience and I came away from it learning a lot about heart procedures and heart health. The staff there was AWESOME and knew so much about the patients they were caring for. I definitely know where to turn if I ever have any heart issues in my family. It was neat getting to meet the patients there also. There are Husker fans everywhere you look, including the Nebraska Heart Institute. I walked around and signed some footballs, mini helmets and First National Bank hats.

This week, the Huskers take on Kansas. It’s a big game that they need to win in order to secure the Big XII North Championship. Although Kansas hasn’t been playing extremely well, they are always a dangerous team with that quick strike offense. They have a lot of playmakers and run a lot of plays. I remember the game we played against them my senior year, Kansas ran 104 plays (I played 97 of them). We ended up winning in overtime and I was exhausted! Nebraska has to find a way to slow Kansas down. Much of that depends on the Nebraska offense maintaining possession of the ball. We need to establish the threat of a passing game to keep Kansas from stacking “the box” and definitely limit our turnovers. The key on defense is not giving up too many big plays. The fact that the Blackshirts are getting a good pass rush with just four down lineman has meant that they can drop a bunch of guys into coverage. That definitely helps!

So here is hoping we come away with another WIN. Go Big Red and talk to you again soon.

Adam Carriker – St. Louis Rams

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