11.24.2009 / Posting by Zack Bowman, former NU Player 2005-2007

Husker fans, this is Zack Bowman checking in with another blog entry. I hope everyone is doing well. It has been getting a little cold here in Chicago lately and I imagine the weather is starting to get a little chilly there in Nebraska as well. This time of the year just feels like football season!

"Now with Coach Snyder coming out of his AD job to coach the team again, I imagine he'll have some tricks up his sleeve to see if he can pull a big upset."

The Huskers have a big weekend coming up. The Big 12 North Division Champion will be determined in Lincoln on Saturday. The game is being broadcast on ESPN and I’m looking forward to checking the game out and rooting for my guys to beat Kansas State. In my three years at Nebraska, we beat Kansas State all three and I feel like I played pretty well against some of their receivers who are currently playing in the NFL. In 2005, the K-State game took on extra meaning because it was the game that made us bowl eligible. I spent most of the game going one-on-one against Jordy Nelson, who currently plays with the Green Bay Packers. K-State tried moving him around a lot, lining him up in the slot and putting him in motion to try and free him up. It’s a challenge as a defensive back to shadow a guy like that so I imagine K-State will try a little of that this year with their playmaker, Brandon Banks. The game against Kansas State has developed into a pretty hotly contested event over the last 10 years. And now with Coach Snyder coming out of his AD job to coach the team again, I imagine he’ll have some tricks up his sleeve to see if he can pull a big upset. This year it seems like K-State is focusing more on the run than they have in past seasons.

From watching Nebraska play defense, I think they match up pretty well against the K-State offense. Nebraska’s front four have been playing extremely well and will be tough to run against. I have also been really impressed with the Nebraska secondary. In my opinion, it is one of the best Nebraska secondaries I’ve seen in a long time and from talking with some of the guys it seems like they have a ton of confidence in what they are doing. They also speak very highly of Coach Sanders. Larry Asante, Prince Amukamara and Matt O’Hanlon are all guys that I played with and that I root for every week. The past few weeks, they have played outstanding football as has the other starting corner Alfonzo Dennard. I expect Nebraska will play a lot of man coverage with their corners and not as much nickel (5 DBs) or dime (6 DBs) as they have in the past few weeks. Prince has really stood out lately with some big break-ups and interceptions. He was one of the most athletic guys on the team when I was there and one of the best players I’ve been around. He used to come over to my apartment a lot and eat dinner and we would just talk football. I still talk with him every now and then

I know this is the Huskers last home game this year. I remember my last few games and trying to close out my college career on a good note. Your mindset as a senior is definitely different. You begin to realize through those last few games how much fun you had playing. I loved my time there at Nebraska and feel like I will always be attached to the fans and experience. I know as a player, you also want the opportunity to play in a bowl game. It is a fun atmosphere and great experience.

This week in Chicago we take on the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football! Keep an eye out for me in the starting line-up, I’m going to try and make Nebraska proud.

Zack Bowman – Chicago Bears

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Big 12 North Champs! I think Texas may be a challenge but it won't be a complete blow-out. The Huskers are going to have to really find a way to stop McCoy and Shipley- they are a great team. Go Big Red.
Posted by HuskerGal at 08:55 AM, Nov 23, 2009
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