11.20.2009 / Save More With Smart Sales Shopping

Who does not love a good sale? Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you got a great deal on an item that everyone else paid full price for. But sometimes sales are not always that great of a deal. The following tips offer simple guidelines to make you shop smart when you shop sales.

"Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you got a good deal on an item that everyone else paid full price for."
  1. Make sure you would have purchased the item anyway.
    No matter how great the sale, it is not really a good deal if you wouldn’t have purchased the item anyway. If you wouldn’t have normally purchased the item or don’t need the item, you are spending unnecessary money.
  2. Keep a price book.
    Sometimes stores will mark an item as on sale when it is not really on sale at all. Write down regular prices of items you buy often or need. By keeping a list you can avoid this trap and identify a good deal when you see it.
  3. Read ads and clip coupons.
    Most newspapers send out new coupons on a weekly basis. Learn when your newspaper’s ads and coupons come out and look through them carefully for items you need. By clipping coupons, you open up the potential to save even more on the sales listed in the ads. Often you can receive an item for next to nothing with a sale/coupon combo.
  4. When shopping online use coupon promo codes.
    You can save additional money when you are shopping sales online by using your favorite search engine to find promo codes for that retailer. You may find a promo code for an extra percentage off or free shipping. You will be surprised by how much more money you can save with this simple trick.
  5. Learn the sales cycles of your targeted items.
    Most products follow a sales cycle that is the same every year. By learning the cycles of items that you know you will need or want in the future, you unlock the keys to big savings. For example, summer clothes generally go on sale in July. Stock up then on your child’s summer clothes for the next year. Wanting to get in shape? Exercise equipment usually goes on sale in January. Need a new lawnmower? The best deals on these usually happen in August. Learn the timeframe and save big.

Do you have any smart sales tips? We would love to hear from you!

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I heard the Black Friday ads are already on the web. Check them out and then start planning your shopping stratgey.
Posted by Shopfanatic at 01:01 PM, Nov 19, 2009
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