10.09.2009 / The Huskers Take on the Tigers This Thursday. Posting by Greg Sharpe, Voice of the Huskers

It was nice having last Saturday off but after watching a hand full of games my appreciation for this Cornhusker team grew deeper. Nebraska has all of the ingredients to be a top ten team this year! Now standing in the Huskers way to achieving some of their lofty goals are the Missouri Tigers. MU is the two time defending North Division Champions. That is the title that the Huskers covet and it is only fitting that to take that away the Big Red must win in the Tigers Den.

"The Huskers are the more talented team but Missouri has the home field advantage."

Missouri has surprised a few people including me. They are off to a 4-0 start with new faces in key spots. Blaine Gabbert has been solid in his first four starts. He has yet to throw an interception this season. The sophomore, a former Nebraska commitment, leads the Big 12 in quarterback efficiency. The Tigers have some talented wide receivers who are also big receivers. Danario Alexander is 6-5, Wes Kemp is 6-4 and Jared Perry is 6-1. This is the most talented group of wideouts that Nebraska has faced all season. Derrick Washington is a solid running back, so this Tiger team has the weapons to give the Husker Defense a huge challenge. Defensively Missouri is lead by linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. The all conference player was one of the top tacklers in the country last season. 

On paper this is a very even matchup and the usual things in close games could make the difference... turnovers and special teams play. The Tigers have only turned the ball over three times this season and the Huskers have not fumbled yet this season. Alex Henery has been outstanding for the Big Red as a kicker, and Missouri’s kicker Grant Ressel is 10-10 in field goals this season. 

Many signs point to a very even game and that would be different. Not since 1998 have the Huskers and Tigers faced each other in a game decided by less than 10 points. I think that will change Thursday. The Huskers are the more talented team but Missouri has the home field advantage. This one is going to be fun!  

Go Big Red!!!

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I think the game will be close but the Huskers will pull out a WIN. It looks like the weather is not going to be great in Columbia so we are going to have to rely on our running game with Helu. I agree with Greg that Nebraska is looking better every week after watching some of these other teams play (Michigan Notre Dame USC..just to name a few). I think we could be in the top 10 after Mizzou and Tech. Does anyone disagree with me?
Posted by HuskerFAN at 11:40 AM, Oct 07, 2009
The Huskers have not been great in recent years at Mizzou. Hopefully they can get past that and pull out a win tonight. We will definitely be top 10 if we win out the rest of the season but after Mizzou and Tech? I highly doubt it.
Posted by Go Big Red at 10:27 AM, Oct 08, 2009
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