10.09.2009 / Posting by Demorrio Williams, former NU Blackshirt 2002-2003

Hey Huskers fans, this is Demorrio Williams checking in with my second blog entry. I heard great things about the game there in Lincoln last week. Everyone told me the atmosphere was electric... wish I could have been there to see it. The Huskers got a win which was big because they have got a tough one this week against Missouri. Both teams are ranked and it is on national television (ESPN) but regardless of records and television, this game is usually fought tooth and nail. Although Colorado and Oklahoma were our traditional rivals there at Nebraska, it seemed like while I was there and during the years since, the Missouri game is one that has developed into a big rivalry for both teams. I think ever since the famous ball-kick game, there has been a lot of bad blood between teams and the games played have been fierce. The two years I played, we split games with Missouri, winning at home in 2002 and losing on the road in 2003. One of the things that sticks out in my mind from when we played at Missouri was how rowdy the fans were. The stadium is built in a way where the stands come right down behind the bench so it seems like the crowd is right on top of you. It definitely made me uncomfortable having them that close and although I would not consider it intimidating, I remember some interesting comments being thrown our way. Missouri also did not provide us with a bus escort so it took a long time actually getting to and from the stadium. We had to wait in line with everybody else.

"The Husker defense is going to have to step up big in order to shut down a high-powered Missouri offense."

This year the Husker defense is going to have to step up big in order to shut down a high-powered Missouri offense. The key against the Missouri system is to get fast pressure on the quarterback and not allow him to check down. Make him get rid of the ball fast and not allow the big play. Missouri has always liked to run screen plays, but if you get enough pressure in the quarterback’s face, it makes it hard for him to be accurate in making those throws. Fast pressure also makes for possible turnovers that can change the momentum of the game. The key to the game this week is if big Suh, Barry Turner, Pierre Allen and company as well as one or two of the linebackers can get up-field and disrupt the passing game. Especially because Missouri is breaking in a new quarterback. On the offensive side of the ball, Missouri is probably going to place priority on stopping the Huskers running attack. If they can slow it down and make Nebraska a one dimensional offense, it allows their athletic linebackers the option to either blitz or drop back into coverage making Zac Lee’s passing reads a lot harder. So Nebraska really needs to pound it and hopefully break a couple of long runs.

This week we play the Dallas Cowboys and I’m hoping to play well and get a ‘W’. So far this season I have been playing pretty good and am leading the team in tackles. Since I’m from Texas, the Cowboys game is big! I should have quite a lot of family at the game so I’m looking to “show out”. We will be wearing throwback AFL jerseys which is pretty cool. Now that I play in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs I come in contact pretty regularly with Missouri fans. Like I said before, the game has become a bigger rivalry during the last several years and Missouri fans always want to talk about how they have had the upper hand lately. I think Nebraska should win this year and also think they should win the Big 12 North. I certainly hope so cause it would be nice to have some bragging rights around here again. Go Big Red!

Demorrio Williams #53 – Kansas City Chiefs

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