10.23.2009 / Posting by Adam Carriker, former NU Player 2003-2006

What is up Husker fans... Adam Carriker here again with my latest blog entry. It was disappointing to see Nebraska lose last weekend especially after playing so well to close out the Missouri game.

"Even with the loss however, the Huskers need to keep focused on the big picture of winning the Big XII North."

To be honest with you outside of beating Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado, I get more enjoyment from Nebraska beating Tech than anybody else. Even with the loss however, the Huskers need to keep focused on the big picture of winning the Big XII North. A win this week against Iowa State is crucial in getting that momentum started.

I have fond memories of playing against Iowa State. As I mentioned in my blog entry a couple of weeks ago, the Iowa State game my junior year was one of the most exciting and absolutely the loudest game I can ever remember playing. I couldn’t hear anything and I think the atmosphere definitely affected the Cyclones. I remember during the game, the opposing quarterback Bret Meyer, kept calling out what side of the line I was on (I’ll get to that in a minute). Anyway... I remember it being so loud and nobody could hear anything. The quarterback for Iowa State looked right at me before the snap and just smiled. Another funny moment from that game happened when one of my line-mates Titus Adams got tripped up. Instead of just falling down on the play however, he started to barrel roll. Wouldn’t you know it, Titus barrel rolled right into the running back and brought him down in the backfield. It was one of the funniest plays I can recall at Nebraska.

As I referenced earlier, Iowa State kept trying to call out what side of the field I was playing on and run plays the opposite way. One thing that has stuck out to me about Nebraska’s defense this year and maybe part of the reason the Husker D is playing so well is because Coach Pelini is letting his defensive line run loose and cause a ton of havoc in the backfield. Ndamukong Suh especially sticks out and although he gets a lot of pub, he definitely deserves it. He has played outstanding so far this season. During my time on the defensive line, I played what we called a “Base End”. I would almost always line up on the “strong side” meaning the side of the offensive line that had the tight end, or one extra blocker. It meant that on most plays I would get a double-team block and have Two-gap responsibilities (fill two of the gaps on the offensive line). The B and C gaps are where offenses typically try and run the ball through and I was responsible for both. I remember Coach Callahan asking me to do that the spring before my junior year. It was hard work and although my main priority was stopping the run, I still somehow managed a good quarterback sack total my junior and senior seasons. In Coach Pelini’s system, it doesn’t seem like many of the defensive linemen have two gap responsibilities and are free to make a lot of plays. I’m happy for them and it looks like they are having a lot of fun.

Right now, I am just rehabbing my shoulder and ankle. Typically I am up at the Ram’s facility from 7:30 to 12:15 everyday working out and rehabbing and then do about 4 hours of rehab at home. I finally got the sling off my arm this week and feel like I am ahead of schedule on everything. I make the Thursday and Saturday team meetings and try to break down some film on guys I might see across from me in the future. I am excited about coming back to Lincoln in three weeks for the Oklahoma game! Make sure you guys cheer the Huskers to victory this week. Have a great week and Go Big Red!

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