11.02.2009 / Posting by Demorrio Williams, former NU Blackshirt 2002-2003

Hey Husker fans... Demorrio Williams checking in. The Huskers are in my home state of Texas playing the Baylor Bears this week. It is important they get that win and try and turn things around this year. Refocusing on their season goals becomes a priority in practice this week. The Big XII North division is still pretty wide open and the Huskers can still make it a memorable season if they get momentum turned around and start winning some ball games. They have the talent, but they just need to get keep working hard and eliminate some of the turnovers.

"Refocusing on their season goals becomes a priority in practice this week."

There are quite a few native Texans on this year’s Nebraska team. As a native Texan, I know what a big deal it is going down there and getting to play in front of friends in family. The ticket requests can get a little outrageous but most of the guys will be very excited to play in front of the people that watched them in high school. It’s a “homecoming” of sorts and the guys lining up on the opposite side on Saturday are guys you either played with or against in high school. High school football in Texas is a HUGE deal! We’re talking about multi-million dollar high school facilities, ten to twenty thousand fans at games, and hundreds of college players that sign every year (I think I read that there were close to 700 Div. I signees just from the Dallas and Houston areas alone last year). On Fridays, many small towns and suburbs across the state completely shut down for the games. During the offseason, 7-on-7 passing tournaments have become basically a second season. It is amazing when you stop and think about it. Getting a win against a Texas school means a lot to the players from Texas. It’s also a big deal because I’m sure there will be some college recruits considering Nebraska who will be at the game.

This week, the offense really needs to step up and play a complete game like they did early in the season. Baylor has some playmakers up the middle at the DT, LB and Safety positions so spreading them out and establishing a strong running attack is important. I liked how Nebraska’s big freshman running back from Texas (Robinson) pounded the ball last week. As a linebacker, I can tell you it is no fun going up against a big back that doesn’t shy away from contact. It becomes important though that the Huskers take care of the ball. Baylor’s defense will gamble in order to force turnovers so if Nebraska can avoid them, they’ll have some opportunities for big plays.

Because the defensive tackles for Nebraska have been playing so well, Baylor will probably spend a lot of effort trying to slow down the interior rush. It should make for a great day by the linebackers. Dillard, Fisher and company should be pretty free to run around a make plays as they have most of this season. It is hard to find a defense that is playing as well as the Huskers are right now. Then again, that’s what I expected with Coach Pelini back at Nebraska. As I said in one of my earlier posts, Coach Bo is one of the best defensive minds I’ve ever been around!

This week is our bye week in Kansas City and I am actually heading down to Texas for the weekend. I’m looking forward to checking the Huskers out in person and hopefully see them get that win. It’ll be good to get a break from game action along with a little rest. Hopefully when we come back, we can start winning a few games in Kansas City as well. Have a great weekend!

Demorrio Williams #53 – Kansas City Chiefs

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Demorrio - I appreciate your empathy towards Texas; but the validity of 700 Div. I/FBS signees from the Dallas & Houston areas cannot be correct. From what I have found in 2008 there were 705 Freshman on Div. I rosters from Texas. So to say 700 from the state changed to 700 from 2 cities seems illogical. Of those 705 players 379 (53%) were playing at Texas Universities. When your state operates 10 FBS/D1 programs which pull most of their rosters from the state you should expect high numbers. Same would be for any state that had that many FBS/D1 schools. I would argue that small-town Nebraska has the same feeling for football as Texas does. You should know that... they are/were your fans.
Posted by J at 09:59 AM, Oct 30, 2009
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