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11.02.2009 / Posting by Demorrio Williams, former NU Blackshirt 2002-2003

Hey Husker fans... Demorrio Williams checking in. The Huskers are in my home state of Texas playing the Baylor Bears this week. It is important they get that win and try and turn things around this year. Refocusing on their season goals becomes a priority in practice this week. The Big XII North division is still pretty wide open and the Huskers can still make it a memorable season if they get momentum turned around and start winning some ball games. They have the talent, but they just need to get keep working hard and eliminate some of the turnovers. Read More »

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11.04.2009 / Return to Frugality

It can be hard to save money and stay within a budget when it feels like you are missing out on the things you want to buy now. However, paying yourself first is easy and rewarding if you follow a few simple savings tips: Read More »

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