05.04.2010 / All the People are Good Looking! Garrison Keillor, the Holland, May 4th. Posting by Katie, a Friend of the Omaha Performing Arts.

Do you have TiVo? I do not, but I have that service from the cable company that records your shows for you. I am so busy I can not even keep up with TV lately! But I finally caught this documentary about Garrison Keillor on PBS that I have been meaning to watch since July...

"I am even MORE excited than ever to see Garrison at the Holland this May. He is going to be good."

It’s mostly about Prarie Home Companion, one of my all time favorite radio shows. When I was a kid, we’d drive up to Grandma’s house and listen to Lake Wobegone stories on tape (Cassette tapes! In the car! I’m revealing my age, here...). I didn’t realize at the time how wry and witty and smart and sarcastic those stories were... but I loved that Mom and Dad and my annoying little brother were all laughing out loud... Plus, ol’ Mr. Keillor’s voice was so soothing, it was easy to feel comfy in the back seat.

Well, anyway, there’s this part of the movie where they show Keillor performing on-stage, telling a great story about Lake Wobegone and himself... He gets going and it starts to rain and a sea of umbrellas sprouts up in front of the stage. Keillor actually walks out into the rain, among the audience members sitting in folding chairs and on the ground and starts singing, "You Are My Sunshine." The image and the sound of this unlikely-looking entertainer standing among his fans, drenched through, yet happily singing away, was inspirational. And you can see his affect on the audience members – smiling, forgetting the rain, and singing along.

Needless to say, I am even MORE excited than ever to see Garrison at the Holland this May. He is going to be good. Small-town nostalgia, love of the nation, irony, whimsy, and keen insight into the human heart. I’m going to laugh out loud, which I totally need. Tickets are pretty affordable,  but I hear they’re running out fast. Go to to purchase your tickets. Hope to see you there!!!

Are you planning on going to the show? Join in and let us know what you think of the show.

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