08.30.2010 / 100 Yards of Glory at The Durham Museum

100 Yards of Glory will offer visitors a rare look at the celebrated and untold stories of football in Omaha, dating back to the first football game at the University of Nebraska, a 10 to 0 victory against the Omaha YMCA team in 1890. The exhibit will explore the games, the players, the coaches, and the trophies that have defined football excellence in our community for 120 years, spanning the high school, collegiate and professional ranks. Read More »

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08.30.2010 / Tips for a successful first year of college.

Many first year college students are unprepared for what they are about to encounter. There are always some little tips that can aid you on your way to a successful and delightful collegiate experience. We have listed some that many people overlook: Read More »

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