12.09.2010 / The Jays try to Bounce back after their Loss to the Huskers. Posting by Brian Kooienga, Creighton Mens Basketball Graduate Manager

After making the beautiful drive from Omaha down to Lincoln on Saturday morning, the general mood of the team was pretty upbeat. We had scouted Nebraska, we basically were running their offense in practice, and after the pre-game shootaround at the Bob Devaney Sports Complex, we believed we were ready for the game.

"In what many believed was going to be a good opportunity for us to pick up our first road win of the season, we made too many mistakes."

In what many believed was going to be a good opportunity for us to pick up our first road win of the season, we made too many mistakes and didn’t make plays down the stretch to get out of Husker Country with a ‘W.’

In the first half of the game we were extremely lucky to have the lead that we did heading into the locker room at halftime. Nebraska had missed plenty of wide open looks and wasn’t looking all that great offensively. We were giving them open shots, letting them dictate their offense, and really not making much of an effort to get through their ball screens. Luckily, they missed shots and didn’t make good decisions in the first half. 

Unfortunately the second half was very different than the first, and they capitalized on all of our mistakes. The turnovers, bad shot selection, getting stagnant on offense, and miscommunication on defense led to our collapse in the second half. While it is easy to place blame on individuals or specific plays, the general synopsis from Lincoln was that we let them dictate the flow, pace, and general feel of the game, and we didn’t execute our game plan the way we wanted to. We didn’t hit open shots (shooting 6-33 from 3pt range) and only forced 8 turnovers. That speaks volumes about how hard we played on defense, and our focus and effort on the offensive side of the ball as well. 

Saint Joseph’s Preview:
Taking full advantage of dead week to prepare for finals and a hectic 3-game-5-day stretch coming up, the guys were given Tuesday off of practice and workouts, and will be back in the gym getting ready for Saint Joseph’s. A scrappy team that has not faired well in competition so far this year, they have played every game close and are not a team to be overlooked.  They really like to attack off the dribble, and get the ball to rack as much as possible. In yet another “Battle of the Birds” pitting the Bluejays vs the Hawks from Saint Joseph’s, there will be a lot to look forward to in this game. Saint Joe’s is a very athletic team that doesn’t really run a lot of ‘set plays’ but will play in a similar up-tempo style the whole game. 

I hope to see everyone at the game and making as much noise as possible. As a little treat, I got to spend some time with Senior Casey Harriman (fresh off a two week illness) to get his thoughts on the conference season and his time spent here at Creighton. 

Casey Harriman Interview:
What are you looking forward to the most as a senior?
-Seeing all of my hard work with my teammates finally pay off and hopefully get to the NCAA’s again.

What is something that not every Creighton fan knows about you?
-I am a pretty good guitar player, my roommate Kaleb likes to sing along when I practice, we’re pretty close.

What is your favorite memory from your time spent at Creighton?
-Winning the conference championship my freshman year (2006-2007)

What is favorite arena to play in on the road?
-Wichita because it is always sold out, loud, packed, and a great environment to play in…

What is the funniest thing that you have seen in your time with Creighton Basketball?
-We were warming up for a game in 2008 and one of our teammates, who shall remain anonymous, had a slight problem with his warmups and actually ended up slipping and falling down in the middle of the layup line.

Go Jays! Brian Kooienga

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