02.19.2010 / It's BracketBuster Saturday for the Jays. From the Creighton Athletic Office, The Voice of Billy Bluejay.

On Tuesday night, the Jays fell out of contention early in Cedar Falls as a 28 to 5 run buried the early momentum that Creighton had, putting Northern Iowa well on their way to a 70 to 52 win and clinched sole possession of the MVC regular season championship for UNI. This was their first ever outright victory of the Valley after tying with Creighton last season.

"The Jays are tied for 4th in the league with Bradley and Indiana State."

With the suspension of senior center Jordan Eglseder for UNI, the Jays were able to win the battle of the boards, out rebounding UNI 34-26 on the night. However, it was the barrage of three pointers from the Panthers that made all the difference. UNI was 13-27 on the night from three, one behind the season record. This torrid outside shooting was paced by Panther guard Ali Farokmanesh, who lead all scorers with 17 points and 5 made three-point baskets.

Creighton now falls to 13-14 overall on the year with an 8-8 mark in league play. The Jays are tied for 4th in the league with Bradley and Indiana State. Next week, the Jays will close the Valley season with a trip to Southern Illinois and then Senior Night on the 27th against Bradley. In the meantime, the Jays will step back out of conference for the BracketBuster Saturday matchup against Loyola-Chicago this weekend. LU-C is 14-12 on the year and 5-11 in the Horizon league. However, the Ramblers are 9-1 against non-conference opponents with wins over Bradley, San Francisco and Holy Cross with a loss at Kansas State the only blemish. LU is averaging 65 points a game and giving up about 65 points a game as well. Terrance Hill, the junior guard out of Kansas City leads the Ramblers with 11.7 points a game. Senior forward Andy Polka leads the team on the glass with 8.8 rebounds a game. Creighton and Loyola have matched up 16 times historically, with LU gaining the upper hand with an 11-5 record, although the teams have not met since 1981.

Traditionally, the Jays have done well in the BracketBuster event with the fans embracing the late start times due to television and/or State Wrestling. However, this is only the second time in the eight years of participation that Creighton will not be on television for this event. Televised or not, this is still a crucial game for the Jays - and truthfully, every game is.

I anticipate a hungry, yet focused Creighton team on Saturday... looking to come together and give the fans a nice showing in the second to last home game of the year.

The MVC Tournament is just around the corner, are you planning on going? What are your thoughts on the tournament? Share your comments with other Jays fans.

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