01.21.2010 / Momentum is on the Jays Side! Posting by Jimmy Motz, Former CU Player

Hello from Johnson County! I am currently living in Sterling, Nebraska where I am employee of Sterling Public Schools and the head boys basketball coach. This past year, we were able to end our season on a positive, winning the Class D-2 state championship with an overtime win over Ewing, who was ranked # 1 most of the season in our class. It is one of my favorite moments of all time being around basketball. Just watching these kids compete and work hard made the journey that much more special. In my three seasons here at Sterling, we are 46-16.

"There isn't a better coach in the country than Coach Altman."

I guess for those of you who read this and follow the Jays, here are some questions that I can answer for you.

My favorite moment as a Jay...
For me personally it was the MVC tournament in 2005. It wasn’t so much my performance, but it was the fact we weren’t suppose to go to the NCAA tournament that year, and we proved the critics wrong. We had a solid nucleus of players who bought in during the last month of the season and we went on an 8 game win streak. Plus, being able to win it with good teammates, players, and coaches made it that much more special. I just contributed and hit open shots, which was pretty much my role for four years. Also, seeing Tyler McKinney, who was my roommate for four years, come back from the eye injury and go out a winner was awesome.

Preparation rituals...
I didn’t really have any unique rituals, but I did do a couple things before games. I always wore a Lincoln Northeast Basketball t-shirt to shoot around in (that’s where I went to high school) and I wore a new pair of Nike socks every game. Left foot first with socks and shoes (even ankles taped). I also made sure for home games that my parents were in the stands.

Coach Altman...
There isn’t a better coach in the country than Coach Altman. He might have been a tough guy to play for, but I am a much better person (and coach) because of it. Much of what I do with X’s and O’s and scheme are what he does with his Jays. He is what Creighton University exemplifies. I’m glad he is on our sideline and not somewhere else. He puts in a ton of hours and sleepless nights to make sure his teams are ready to go.

Road roommate...
The last two years at Creighton I was road roommates with “All Day, Everyday” Jeff Day. We became very good friends throughout his career here (he transferred from “U Dub”) and he even spent the holidays with my family in Lincoln. We ate pre-game meals together and shot the breeze with one another. Those Valley road trips aren't exactly vacation destinations. Also, lots of nappage takes place on those trips.

If I could suit up for one more game, it would be against...
Southern Illinois. I can’t stand them. We struggled every time we played them and just couldn’t get the win during the regular season.

The next two months...
I am hoping that the Sterling Jets can get back to the state tournament. We’ve had some struggles here as of late, but we continue to work hard and get better. The experience I had at the state tournament was one I’ll never forget, rallying a town together and supporting our program and boys.

You might have seen my “Jimmy V.” moment, but it wasn’t about me. People think this whole deal is about me. NOT EVEN CLOSE. My elation after that state final was for the kids and the 22 months of work they put into getting that opportunity. This program was 4-16 the year before I got to Sterling. We turned it around and had great support from parents, families, and fans.

Hope to check back soon!
Jimmy Motz

What did you think of the past two wins? Were these the wins that the Jays need to carry them through to MVC Playoffs? Let us know what you think of the Jays.

Interesting Creighton Facts

  • The most points the Jays have ever scored in a single game is 124.
  • Prior to being named the 'Bluejays', Creighton's athletic teams were called the 'Hilltoppers'.
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Jimmy nice blog. Keep it up. Since you are close to a lot of former players it would be cool to hear what everyone is doing that you played with!
Posted by Jeff at 10:14 AM, Jan 20, 2010
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