08.09.2010 / Plan to attend Playing with Fire this weekend!

The second of the 2010 Playing With Fire Summer series is happening on Saturday, July 17th. As with all the summer Playing With Fire shows, the gates open at 4 pm at Lewis and Clark Landing, located on 515 N Riverfront Drive in downtown Omaha.

"The second summer Playing with Fire concert features the BluesEd Youth Artist Development Band Mojo Bag, The Randy Oxford Band, Sax Gorden and Sugar Ray and the BlueTones!"

The second summer Playing with Fire concert features the BluesEd Youth Artist Development Band Mojo Bag, The Randy Oxford Band, Sax Gorden and Sugar Ray and the BlueTones!

As we’ve mentioned before, each concert kicks off with a band from the BluesEd Youth Artist Development program. The band playing at this concert is Mojo Bag, who are playing at several other concerts around the area this summer!

The Randy Oxford Band ( is a six person blues group from the Pacific Northwest that has won multiple awards and were recently inducted to the Washington Blues Society’s Hall of Fame.

Sax Gordon ( is a legendary sax player who is not only a sought after studio recording artist but has also released some stellar solo CDs. When he played at the Playing With Fire winter concert with Toni Lynn Washington was a great show, and he’s sure to wow Omaha blues fans again!

Sugar Ray and the BlueTones is led by Sugar Ray Norcia, who led Roomful of Blues from 1991 to 2000. In 2008, Sugar Ray was nominated for a 2008 Blues Foundation Blues Music Award for Best Album of the Year. With their horn section, the band goes from blues to swing and back again.

The show starts at 4:30 so be early for a good seat.

If you are planning on going, or have a review after the show, leave a comment and let us know!

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Your organization is top notch for being a main sponsor for these free music events!! This really showcases the music the city and the corporations perfect event(s)for the nice times of the year. Thanks again!!
Posted by markusb at 12:12 AM, Aug 04, 2010
I just wanted to give First National a HUGE thank you to partner up with PwF and helping Omaha be a great place to live. It truly is a community event that is enjoyed by thousands and wouldn't be possible without First National's generosity. Thanks!
Posted by TrueBlue at 06:33 PM, Aug 08, 2010
I want to thank First National for once again sponsoring Playing With Fire. I have been a blues ed parent for 6 years and am grateful that my children have had the opportunity to play at Playing With Fire as part of the blues ed program. Your sponsorship of Playing With Fire has brought joy to all those that attend and events like this are what makes Omaha a great place to live. Your sponsorship of this worthwhile program is greatly appreciated.
Posted by Scott Wattenhofer MD at 11:21 PM, Aug 08, 2010
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