06.18.2010 / Omaha says Farewell to Rosenblatt!

You have all heard the saying, all good things must come to an end. It turns out that saying applies even to one of the most iconic and beloved landmarks in Omaha, Rosenblatt Stadium, aka The Blatt and The Johnny. Or, more properly stated, Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium. After the final inning in the 2010 baseball season, the outfield lights will turn off forever, marking the end of one tradition and the beginning of another.

"The baseball stadium that we know today as Rosenblatt Stadium was built in 1947 as Omaha Municipal Stadium."

The baseball stadium that we know today as Rosenblatt Stadium was built in 1947 as Omaha Municipal Stadium. The stadium hosted the single-A Omaha Cardinals starting in the 1948 season. In 1961 it became home to the Omaha Dodgers. The name was officially changed to Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium in 1964 in homage to the former city council member and mayor who led a group 20 years earlier that laid groundwork for construction of the stadium. In 1969 it became home to the Omaha Royals, which plays at Rosenblatt Stadium to this day. Several generations of Omahans have enjoyed watching the Royals at “The Blatt” over the last four decades. It has become a tradition to watch fireworks after the games on Friday nights in addition to a famous Independence Day fireworks show.

Rosenblatt stadium became near and dear to the hearts of people all around the nation when it was named home to the College World Series in 1950. For six decades, college baseball fans from all over the country traveled the “Road to Omaha” in order to cheer their teams on to win the Division I NCAA Baseball championship. For two weeks each June, fans flocked to the coveted stadium and built long standing traditions which included tailgating, new friendships, great food, playing catch, shopping with the street vendors, and simply enjoying warm weather and an electric atmosphere. Once inside the packed stadium, great baseball aka “the greatest show on dirt” was at center stage while fans enjoyed a buzzing atmosphere and concessions galore.

While Rosenblatt stadium will host its final baseball game this year, the memories and traditions will have a place to live on. The Omaha Royals will soon find their home in Papillion, Nebraska. And, for at least 35 more years, the faithful College World Series fans will still travel the “Road to Omaha” to the new stadium located in downtown Omaha. New locations mean new traditions but the memories of yesterday will never be forgotten. Those of us who got to experience “The Blatt” are sure to miss it. Those lucky enough to experience it one final time this season, will be sure take a moment to embrace the stadium, the atmosphere and say “farewell Rosenblatt, it has been a great ride”.

Do you have memories from Rosenblatt Stadium? We want to hear them.

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The legend continues. My grandparents took us on a bus to the stadium to watch the Omaha Cardinals. What a special treat. I started taking my two children to the College World Series in 1992.
Posted by Jane at 04:25 PM, Jun 17, 2010
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