03.08.2010 / Posting by UNO Athletic Office, The Voice of the Durango

On the surface, it looks like the Mavericks should have an easy win this weekend over Bowling Green in the first round of the CCHA Playoffs. Bowling Green is 5-23-6. Looking below the surface of their record, it will not be two easy wins in the best-of-three series.

"Mav fans need to help remind the Falcons that they are in Omaha!"

If shootout wins were counted in records, Bowling Green would be 10-24. The Falcons are coming to Omaha this weekend fresh off a shootout victory over 12th ranked Michigan State. The weekend before, Bowling Green defeated Notre Dame twice, including a shootout. The Falcons are riding some momentum coming into this weekend’s important series, and the Mavericks need to be ready for some tough games. What are some keys to earning the victory and moving on to play Michigan State in the second round?

  1. Keeping the puck in Bowling Green’s end - they know they’re heading to Omaha to play an offensive team and will be working to keep the puck out of their end. Shots on goal will be important - in October, the Mavs outshot the Falcons by a combined 79-36.
  2. Keeping the puck away from their key scorers like Jordan Samuels-Thomas and Tomas Petruska.
    The defense needs to clear the puck and stop shots on rebounds. Bowling Green has scored goals all season on rebound shots - so our defense needs to protect Faulkner and Dupont.
  3. The fans need to be loud! Bowling Green is 1-13-3 on the road - so Mav fans need to help remind the Falcons that they are in Omaha!

Are you planning to go to the game?  Let us know what you think about the game.

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