03.15.2010 / Get Your Taxes Done Early and Other Helpful Tax Hints

We here at First National Bank are always looking out for a good deal to save you, our customer, more money. This time, we are saving you money on filing your taxes.

"According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the number one error in filing taxes is addition and subtraction mistakes."

We are offering you the chance to save 15% on your purchase of TurboTax® OnlineSM. Not only is this offering a discount to you, but it also allows you to E-File and receive your refund, directly deposited into your First National account, in as little as 10 days.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the number one error in filing taxes is addition and subtraction mistakes. This error can be easily solved by using TurboTax® OnlineSM, which does the math for you and guarantees that the calculations are 100% accurate! They also state that, if you choose to E-File, many common errors are fixed by the computer software such as missing addresses, missing social security numbers and sending the IRS your only copy1. Also, with TurboTax® OnlineSM, your files are securely stored online for your viewing and record keeping and assures that you file the correct form.

Whether you use online services or not, it’s a good idea to make sure you do one (or all!) of the following:

  1. Make a contribution to your IRA. You have until April 15th to either contribute to or open an IRA that applies to the previous year!
  2. Don’t forget to maximize your deductions – things like college tuition and child care count towards tax time!
  3. If you’ve had a change in family status (e.g., marriage, divorce, birth of a child) don’t forget to adjust your W-4 at work.
  4. If you bought a home this year, you may qualify for a tax credit. The IRS recently updated the homeowner tax credit information at the official IRS Website. Before you file, make sure to check and see if you qualify.
  5. Finally, whether you file online or the old fashioned way, make sure you put all your relevant paperwork in one place so you don’t have to go hunting for items when you sit down to complete your taxes.

To get your copy of TurboTax® OnlineSM, simply click here.


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