02.07.2011 / UNO Faces off against St. Cloud State at the Qwest Center this week. Posting by The UNO Athletic Office, The Voice of the Durango

Following an impressive 4-0 win on Friday and a very difficult 2-1 loss on Saturday in which the Mavs outshot the Chargers from Alabama- Huntsville 59-19, numbers were on our minds. Mathematically speaking outshooting your opponent 103-39 over the course of the weekend would lead you to believe that the eventual outcome of the weekend would be a split.

"UNO is 10-6-2 in the WCHA, and 14-10-2 overall."

As we move on from the weekend, sometimes numbers tell a better story than words. To prepare for a busy month of Maverick hockey, here are some numbers to catch you up to speed:

1 - This is UNO hockey’s first season in the WCHA conference, meaning new competition and new rivalries for the Mavs.

2 – UNO has a double header this weekend facing off against St. Cloud State at the Qwest Center this Friday, Feb. 4th at 7:37 p.m. and Saturday, Feb. 5th’s at 7:07 p.m. Tickets are still available.  Don’t miss out- these should be great games.

3 - The number of goals needed to earn a hat trick. Captain Joey Martin earned the Mav’s only hat trick of the season on Jan. 21 against the University of North Dakota.

4 - The number of time the Mavs and the St. Cloud State Huskies play each other during the regular season. In the first two games at St. Cloud State, the teams tied once and the Mavs won once.

5 - The number of shutouts recorded by goal tender John Faulkner, who leads the NCAA. The UNO career record is seven, set by Dan Ellis.

6 - The Mavs average 6.6 penalties per game this season. St. Cloud State is averaging 6.

7 - St. Cloud State had a seven game unbeaten streak before losing to Minnesota State on Jan. 29.

8 - The number of major penalties against the Mavs this season - while only 3 against opposing teams. Penalties have been a big factor in the games. Friday’s game against Alabama-Huntsville saw the first penalty shot taken against the Mavs in three years.

9 - Matt Ambroz is the leading scorer for the Mavs. He has nine goals in conference games and 13 total goals.

10 - UNO is 10-6-2 in the WCHA, and 14-10-2 overall.

Have you been to a UNO Mav’s game this year? What do you think of the team? Please post a comment NOW and share your thoughts.

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Great Win this Weekend! What a game this weekend! Amazing comeback.
Posted by Ralston Mom at 10:42 AM, Feb 06, 2011
Best family entertainment in town! Love the flying hot dog and the great promotion including the First National Show your Card!
Posted by Omaha Guy at 03:09 PM, Feb 03, 2011
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