02.11.2011 / The Mavs Come Out with Two Big Wins this Past Weekend. Wisconsin Comes to Town this Week

The numbers three and zero were important this past weekend as the UNO hockey team swept St. Cloud State at the Qwest Center. Friday night, the Mavs scored three goals and goalie John Faulkner let in zero. Saturday night, the St. Cloud State Huskies scored three goals in the first period, and the Mavs scored zero. Both nights ended in wins for the UNO Mavericks - Friday 3-0, and Saturday 4-3.

"Friday night is the Sell Out Wisconsin promotion, an attempt to break the schools all-time attendance record of 13,417."

Faulkner earned his sixth shutout of the season Friday - no other college goal tender has more than four shutouts this season. Dan Ellis holds the UNO record at seven shutouts. At the end of the game, the shot counter read 33-29 in favor of the Huskies, showing that shutting them down was a team effort. Matt Ambroz scored his 14th goal of the season Friday, and is tied for ninth in the league in goals. Joey Martin had two assists this weekend, and now needs three points to reach 100 in his career.

Saturday saw one of the biggest comebacks in UNO hockey history. Trailing 0-3 after the first period, down 3-1 after the second period, the Mavs scored three goals in a span of 3:40 during the third period to win the game. Hockey figures like Mike Kemp and Terry Leahy agreed it is one of the biggest comebacks in Mav history, possibly the biggest comeback since the team’s inaugural season in 1997-1998. To the World-Herald, head coach Dean Blais said, "We had a great feeling in the locker room. There was no doubt, even between the first and second, that we were going to find a way to win that game. You can't go kick a field goal, you've got to get them one at a time. We did it. We got a few bounces of the puck we didn't get in other games, and we capitalized on our chances."

After two huge wins last weekend, you’ll want to be at the Qwest Center this weekend as the Mavs host Wisconsin. The Mavs now hold sole possession of fourth place in the WCHA standings - the Wisconsin Badgers are in fifth. This will be the first and only meeting between the two teams in regular season.

Friday night is the “Sell Out Wisconsin” promotion, an attempt to break the school’s all-time attendance record of 13,417. Tickets have been selling fast - especially after last weekend’s amazing victories. Comment on this blog and share your reasons for supporting Omaha’s Team - cheering on Faulkner and the defense? Watching the Mavs score goals? Hoping to be selected for First National Bank’s money giveaways?

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GO MAVS!! Saturday was an amazing game & this weekend will be even better.
Posted by Vernon J at 09:43 AM, Feb 10, 2011
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