01.31.2011 / The Misfits are Coming to The Rose Theater

The Misfits will fit right in at The Rose Theater, February 3 to 13, 2011. The inspiring original stage adaptation written by Brian Guehring based on the book by James Howe will entertain, engage and empower young people. The Misfits addresses issues of bullying much like those that have been evidenced in recent news headlines. Read More »

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01.31.2011 / Tips to Trim Your Spending

Are you feeling like your spending is out of control? One way to trim your spending is by creating a budget. In many ways budgeting is like watching your diet, we all know it is something we should do, but temptations make it difficult. And just like dieting, there are many simple little things you can do to trim your spending. Follow these simple budgeting steps and you will be well on your way to saving more money than you thought you could: Read More »

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