03.03.2011 / The Jays Head to St. Louis for the MVC Tournament. Posting by Brian Kooienga, Creighton Mens Basketball Graduate Manager

As the charter bus rolls into Saint Louis city limits, one can only look back on this season with thoughts of regret and missed opportunities. The countless number of games that were lost within the last possessions are extremely difficult to forget, but the amount of progress and maturation that has occurred over the season is something that should be remembered by all of our loyal Bluejay fans.

"The support that the city of Omaha, fans, and Creighton Alumni network show for this athletic department and team is absolutely unbelievable."

Looking back over the schedule, there are arguably five to seven games that could have gone in our favor, but unfortunately did not. In games at Wichita State, Missouri State, Iowa State, and Indiana state, the game was decided on the final possession. Other road contests at Bradley, Northern Iowa, and Drake all came down to getting one defensive stop and a score on the other end but did not happen. This team has seen it all, and I know and believe that if there is not a team in this conference tournament that has seen and experienced more heartbreak in their losses. Obviously we would have liked to avoid any and all of those losses that we experienced over the last several months, but the only thing you can do after the fact is learn from your mistakes, and that is exactly what this team has done. 

Heading into tournament play at the Scottrade Center, there is not a more dangerous team than the Creighton Bluejays. Inside and outside scoring threats, capable seniors, youth off the bench, and a talented point guard all add up to a dangerous combination that every other conference foe wants to avoid. If this group of young men finally puts together a solid ballgame and play hard on every possession, both offensively and defensively, there are few teams that can slow their offensive attack. 

It amazes many of us that the season is already drawing to a close.  The best part about each and every Missouri Valley Conference Tournament in Saint Louis is the guarantee that Creighton will have the best, loudest, and biggest fan base each year. The support that the city of Omaha, fans, and Creighton Alumni network show for this athletic department and team is absolutely unbelievable, and not enough is said in terms of thanks and appreciation. The only way I believe that we as a team can repay all you fans and supporters is to bring back a championship trophy this weekend. That has been the goal since October 15th and it is still the goal for this weekend, and the players on this team want nothing more than to achieve this goal not only for the university and themselves, but for the fans.

If you are heading to the tournament this weekend, be sure to wear blue and be loud! If you are unable to attend please watch the games on tv and hopefully clear your schedule for a selection show party next Sunday night on Creighton’s campus.

There’s nothing more exciting than conference tournament time!

Go Jays! Brian Kooienga

How do you think the Jays will do in the Missouri Valley Tournament? Any early predictions on who will be this years National champs? Join in the conversation NOW and post your comments.

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