09.26.2011 / Moving into Fall: How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Fall is just around the corner and with it will be colder weather and increased energy bills. If you are like many of us you are looking for ways to save when cold weather comes around. We have scoured the internet and asked our fellow First National employees for their favorite energy saving tips.

"Turn down the heat when you are not at home or at night while you are asleep"
  • Put on a sweater – The best way to save on your heating bill is to not let your thermostat go over 68.  That does mean you probably have to layer when the temperature gets really cold, but it truly can give you some relief on your heating bill.
  • Snuggle Up – Turn down the heat when you aren’t at home or at night while you’re asleep. Many thermostats let you program them to come on a half hour or so before you wake up or get home.
    Close down your spare rooms – If you have a room or two that you don’t use, make sure you aren’t heating them too! Close the vents and shut the door to keep heat from leaking into these never-used areas of your house.
  • Use sunlight liberally – Using natural light can help heat your home during the day.  Make sure that your curtains and shades are open to catch as much natural light as possible.
  • Put plastic on windows and doors that will go unused during the winter – there are kits at home improvement stores that run about $5 per window and can help you save a bundle. You can also weather strip windows and doors that are going to be in use during the winter.
  • Sometimes, it can seem challenging to make your energy bills in winter go lower – particularly with rising oil prices. However, using a few of these tips can help your bottom line.

Got any other tips to share? Let us know here, or on!

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